Heal The Cause Of Your Symptoms

By eliminating inflammatory foods that may be causing your leaky gut

Become Your Own Health Expert

By pinpointing your body’s nutrition requirements and food sensitivities

Eat To Live Instead Of Living To Eat

By empowering your mindset to achieve lasting dietary changes for optimal health

You don’t need to accept joint pain, fatigue, inflammation, bloating, or other frustrating symptoms as an inevitable part of getting older!

The Eating To Live proven natural gut-healing approach has already helped thousands of people reverse their health problems, revitalize their bodies, and reclaim their ideal quality of life.

Eating To Live Level 1-4 includes comprehensive step-by-step tools that will turn you into a scientific expert at your body’s unique nutritional blueprint, so you can heal your leaky gut and regain control of your well-being.

Under the close guidance of expert Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor Carla Meine, you will learn to identify which foods trigger inflammation through a process of dietary elimination, gradual reintroduction of select items, and careful tracking of your body’s reactions.

“Find Your Why” Video Guide with printable worksheet to articulate your strongest personal reasons for committing to the ETL lifestyle, so you can be empowered to make lasting diet changes that will benefit your long-term health.

Level 1 Meal Guide provides you with gluten-free, sugar-free recipes and plans to identify which foods may be causing your health problems through a process of elimination, gradual reintroduction, and careful symptom tracking.

Printable ETL Online Journal that allows you to document the entire healing journey day by day. Includes a complementary instructional video explaining how to use the log and track your daily bowel movements after meals.

Monthly Recorded Live Session with Carla and David, who will evaluate your experience and offer expert advice to support, encourage and maximize your individual progress

Ongoing Education And Coaching Support with video blogs, blog posts, and informative articles to give you motivation and courage to do what it takes to heal your leaky gut.


As one of the very first to enroll in Eating To Live LEVEL 1, you will also have VIP access to generous member-only discounts and exclusive product offerings!