Carla and David Meine

Serial Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs Owners, Eating to Live

Carla and David Meine are the co-founders of multiple successful companies focused on health and wellness. With a blended family of 7 children and 18 grandchildren, they are passionate about sharing their story, knowledge, and experience to help others transform their health.

Carla is CEO and Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor at their current company, Eating to Live. Carla was named Utah Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003 and was ranked in the Top 10 Women-Owned Businesses in Utah for nine straight years. She has chaired and remains a member of the National Advisory Board at the Woodbury School of Business at UVU and has been an advisor to the Women’s Success Center and the Women’s Tech Council.

David is a speaker, author, and experienced career entrepreneur with a long list of highly successful ventures. He has written and co-authored multiple books and created many e-learning programs. David has motivated thousands of people to get healthy. As a cancer survivor who has overcome multiple additional health challenges, his mission to help others achieve optimal health is very personal.

Carla and David love spending time with their large family, traveling, and cycling, and they’re competitive on the pickleball court.


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Eating to live

Identify your WHY: How it Involves Your Environment When Treating a Leaky Gut with The Meine’s

The Kidney Connection

As we age our bodies can become less tolerant of the foods and activities we have become accustomed to. This episode talks about the concept of having a leaky gut and so much more. As I listened to David’s experience, I realized that a leaky gut is so much more than just stomach symptoms. It is a sum of your environment and how you live your daily life. What’s your WHY for wanting to live a healthier life? It’s important to identify and hold on to it when times get tough along your wellness journey. David and Carla share so much behind the scenes information on how to address a leaky gut, enjoy. For the full show notes visit

Eating to live: A healing journey with David Meine

Eating to Live: A healing journey

In this episode, David Meine shares his journey to discovering the connection between a leaky gut and the overall well-being of a person. Having suffered from numerous health issues from his thirties has led David to uncover the secret to being med-free. He, later on, wrote a book called, “Eating to Live: Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code” that explains the whole health journey he had.

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