Level 4 Meal Plan

In level 4 we will add dairy back into your menu’s in addition to the foods you are eating in level 1, 2, & 3.  Adding dairy back in is typically the most challenging for our clients.  They love dairy and yet their bodies will end up telling them that it’s struggling with it by having gas, bloating, constipation etc.  So add it slowly.  Wait a few days and see what happens before adding more.

Remember you can always go back and take it out if you have too many issues.  You’re the scientist and your body is the lab experiment.  Track everything in your ETL Journal to see which foods your body struggles with and which foods your body really likes.  Soon you will be an expert on your body and what makes it feel the best to reach your optimal health.

As you add dairy and continue to journal you will discover which foods work for you.  Some of my clients can add all dairy products back into their meal plans with no problems at all.  Most of them have issues with certain dairy.  Like they can add yogurt and hard cheeses and still be fine.  They can add full heavy cream but struggle with milk of any kind.  They can handle cream cheese or sour cream but can’t tolerate any ice cream at all.

Everyone is different.  Your body will let you know which diary products you can handle.  By now you should be healing your leaky gut and be discovering all the foods that fuel your body and which foods you need to stay away from.