Level 3 Meal Plan

In Level 3 we will add different types of meat to Levels 1 & 2. Keep eating plenty of organic fruits and veggies! We can’t stress enough how important organic fruits and vegetables are to your diet. One of our main goals is to remove as many toxins from your body as possible so that your liver can function at an optimal level.  If you keep introducing toxic pesticides in the foods you eat, your liver will continue to be overworked. This will manifest itself in a variety of health issues.


When you decide to move to Level 3, make sure the meat you add to your diet is beef that has been grass-fed and finished. This means the beef has been out in nature its entire life, not just for a short time, eating what is natural and healthy for it to eat. Like Dr. Gundry says, not only are you what you eat, “You are what the thing you are eating ate.” So be very picky about the meat you eat! We also like to add in organ meat, wild bison, venison, and elk. We will also add limited amounts of pork (humanely raised), prosciutto, and lamb.

Most of our clients love this phase of the program. They have missed their red meat. A word of caution though– don’t overdo it when adding meat. Keep it to 4-10 ounces a day (depending on your size and gender), and keep track of how you feel when you add a particular meat. Maybe you find beef is just fine for you, but when you have pork you have stomach issues. Or you did just fine with wild elk, but the beef caused constipation.


Tracking in your ETL Journal is by far the most important part of your meal plan. Without tracking you won’t be able to figure out which foods help your system to function best. When you have a stomach issue, you can look back over the past two days and see what you ate. Look for patterns as to which foods are causing you discomfort. Once you find a potential problem, simply remove the food again from your meal plan and track how you feel. You truly are the only person that can discover the best foods for you to eat in order to achieve your Optimal Health. 

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