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  • Gut Health Quiz: Health Begins With A Happy Gut

    • Signs of a happy gut

    • Physical Energy
    • Restful Sleep
    • Clear Skin
    • Positive Mood
    • Calm Nerves
    • Sharp Focus
    • Strong Immune System
    • Signs of an unhappy gut

    • Chronic inflammation
    • Painful joints
    • Frequent colds
    • Allergies and rashes
    • Fatigue and brain fog
    • Insomnia

    How healthy is your gut?

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Eating To Live: Restore Gut Health Naturally

A natural nutrition approach to a healthy gut and more vibrant you

Gut health quiz - optimize your health

Optimize your health
A personalized anti-inflammatory diet that nourishes and rejuvenates your body from the inside out

Gut health quiz - Live a fuller life
Life Full Of Fun

Live a fuller life
Get functional nutrition guidance, lifestyle coaching, and a flexible meal plan with simple but tasty recipes

Gut health quiz - Feel and look better

Feel and look better
Learn to strengthen your resolve and make healthier long-term choices to improve every aspect of life

What does it mean to have a healthy gut?

An intact stomach lining provides a vital barrier between your gut and bloodstream, making sure your body only gets what it needs to thrive. It’s like a bodyguard that protects you from pesky little intruders like toxins, undigested particles, and unwanted bacteria, which in turn helps promote things you do want––like a strong immune system, low inflammation, healthy digestion, and clear skin.

A healthy gut means a healthy and happy life, which is why we call it Eating To Live.


Or could some things be even better?
  • Improving focus would help you excel at work?
  • Having clear skin would increase your confidence?
  • Getting more energy would let you to be more active?
  • Being pain-free would make your life easier and fuller?
  • Optimizing your health would make you feel better?

If the answer is yes, then Eating To Live is for you!


You deserve optimal health so that you are able to make choices based on your preferences rather than restrictions.



EATING TO LIVE – A Natural Approach To Health and Healing

Nature has given us an abundant source of well-being and longevity, most of us have just forgotten how to use it! Eating To Live will bring things back to basics so you can reconnect with your body to satisfy its inherent nutrition needs, without giving up flavor or your quality of life. 

Eating To Live will help you decipher which foods and supplements are right and wrong for your body, so you can support your gut, reduce and prevent problems and optimize your health for an overall fuller life. 

Eating To Live could help you:
Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Strengthen your body and immune system

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Improve the health of your hair and skin

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Enhance focus and protect cognitive function

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Move painlessly and age more gracefully

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Optimize digestion and nutrient absorption

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Feel more youthful and alive inside and out

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Improve overall well-being and health markers

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Regulate inflammation and histamine tolerance

Gut Health Quiz - EatingToLive could help you

Feel more energized

…and much more!


Gut Health Quiz - Meat the team behind EatingToLive

Thousands are already living life to the fullest with Eating To Live.
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Gut Health Quiz - Improve your gut health
Gut Health Quiz - Improve your gut health

Improve your gut health. Join us in this life changing journey

  • Functional Nutrition Counseling
  • Interactive E-Learning Program
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Healing Recipes
  • Brain Training
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Live Coaching
Feel your best in four steps:
  • Take the gut health quiz
  • Learn and journal how different foods affect your body
  • Evaluate your results during weekly community zoom calls
  • Optimize your gut health and live your best life!

How healthy is your gut?

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Eating To Live means living your best life for as long as you possibly can.

Life tastes sweeter when it is accompanied by health benefits and a positive outlook.

Eating To Live will improve every aspect of your life because it enhances YOU.

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