Eating to Live™ E-Book

Eating to Live tells the story of David Meine’s journey to take back his life and regain his health. From cancer to neuropathy to sleep apnea to leaky gut, just to name a few of his health battles, David shares what he and his wife, Carla, have learned over the past two decades as they have become their own health experts and advocates. Part memoir and part educational self-help book, you’ll become engaged in this relatable journey while learning how to improve your own quality of life. Discover how to reverse health conditions, build and strengthen your immune system, and get off medications by focusing on the fundamental basics of what you’re putting into your body. The Meines have lived what they share, and are passionate about empowering others through this realistic, real-world approach to natural health. They invite you to join them on this worthwhile journey, so that you can be your best, healthiest version of you for years to come.