Do you ever feel hungry even though you had a meal not that long ago? Do you ever eat more than you know you should, wishing you felt full more quickly? After a meal, do you sometimes feel sluggish and sleepy, and find yourself snacking between meals? Is it hard to control food cravings throughout the day? All of these feelings are fairly common, and there’s an easy explanation for them. Especially if you eat anything close to the typical American diet. 

The Food Cravings Cycle

Foods that we frequently eat here in the U.S. contain a high glycemic load. This means we tend to eat lots of simple carbohydrates (think sugars, breads, soft drinks, cereals, desserts, alcohol, etc.). These foods raise blood glucose levels, which then stimulate the pancreas to release insulin. These elevated insulin levels promote the growth of fat tissue and cause weight gain.

This insulin spike is followed by a rapid drop in blood glucose levels, which prompts feelings of hunger. This makes food cravings hard to control–even if we ate fairly recently– and then we might grab a few handfuls of chips, or eat a cookie, or three.

If you’ve ever felt like your food cravings are out of control, they probably are! But it’s not just that you’re weak or need more self-discipline. Chances are you’re stuck in a high-glycemic cycle, and your body struggles to feel full and maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. So, how can you get ‘un-stuck’ from this vicious cycle?

The Answer Is…Potatoes??

Turns out there is an all-natural, scientifically proven answer, and it’s (drumroll, please)… potatoes! Okay, I’m not talking about the french fried kind. But it’s true: a certain potato protein extract– Proteinase Inhibitor II (P12), to be exact– is remarkably effective at helping control food cravings. It helps promote feelings of fullness faster and longer. P12 is available in a product called Slendesta, a clinically-studied, all-natural, plant-based satiety solution that has been proven to be effective.

How It Works

Let’s take a quick look at how this all works. When we eat, the small intestine releases a peptide signaling molecule called cholecystokinin, or CCK. CCK travels to the brain and stomach, signaling these organs to induce feelings of fullness. P12, the potato protein, promotes and extends the body’s natural release of CCK. This tricks the brain into feeling full faster and longer for up to three hours. 

Here’s another way of looking at it:

Ingestion of P12 = Increase of CCK = Satiation, or feeling full = Decreased food intake = Increased control, weight loss, and better health.

Lowering the Glycemic Load

Another big perk of the P12 available in Slendesta is that it is scientifically proven to help stabilize blood sugar, a key component to healthy living and healthy weight levels. Although our goal here at Eating to Live isn’t necessarily weight loss, our goal definitely is to help you reach your optimal health. Achieving your best health often means shedding some pounds, and sometimes it’s a side effect of making the right dietary and lifestyle changes, even if that wasn’t your main goal, either. 

Plus, we know that high glycemic diets, which result in chronically high levels of insulin production, result in increased fat accumulation. Science says this not only contributes to obesity, but also other chronic diseases, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This means that getting insulin and blood sugar levels under control is integral to healthy living.

So how does Slendesta affect blood sugar levels? Increased CCK production helps your stomach to empty more slowly. Not only does that keep you feeling fuller longer, it means a slower rise in blood sugar levels after you eat. And, steadier blood sugar levels mean your pancreas is required to produce less insulin. Studies prove that when 15 mg of P12 (or 300 mg of Slendesta) are consumed 30 minutes before a meal, post-meal blood sugar levels are reduced on average by 29.8%. 

Help Break the High-Glycemic Cycle

This is how we break that vicious high-glycemic food cycle we get stuck in! No more insulin peaks and subsequent blood sugar crashes every time we eat, which result in feelings of hunger, food cravings, and tiredness that makes it hard to say no. Instead, this is a natural, gentle way to gain more control over our eating habits, as well as what we eat. 

If you’ve ever been a stress eater, addicted to junk food, eat out of boredom, like to snack between meals, or are prone to bedtime snacking, Slendesta can help give you the control you need. Slendesta is a helper that aids us as we work to achieve our nutrition and health goals. 

Eating to Live is proud to partner with Slendesta in our 100% plant-based protein shake products. With this key ingredient, our shakes are a fabulous healthy food option that will help you manage your hunger and food cravings, stabilize your post-meal blood sugar levels, and help get you on your way to achieving your optimal health. 


Kristin McQuivey

Kristin McQuivey

Kristin McQuivey, M.Ed., is an award-winning writer, instructor, corporate trainer, and editor with over 20 years in the industry. Her specialties include health, education, memoir, and adult learning. Kristin is on the faculty at Utah Valley University and is a Certified Trainer of Franklin Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but she is best known as a connector who loves collaborating for a cause. A big believer in the power of narrative and a story well-told, Kristin is a fan of travel, ocean, mountains, and her family, and always has a stack of good books nearby.

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