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CEO, CARLA MEINE, CFNC - Eating-to-live

Meet Carla Meine, CFNC

CEO & Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

An award-winning businesswoman behind multiple wellness companies, including IdealShape, Carla Meine comes from a lengthy health and nutrition background.

The Eating to Live method was born after Carla used it to help her husband David recover from cancer, neuropathy, and chronic pain––all issues that traced back to his undiagnosed leaky gut.

After years of intense studying, researching, and working closely with renowned gut specialist Dr. Gundry, Carla finally developed a unique step-by-step elimination approach that resolves leaky gut syndrome by removing individual sources of inflammation.

“When my husband first got diagnosed with cancer, I had no idea what to expect. Facing the unknown, I certainly couldn’t have imagined it would unravel a deeper health issue that affects millions of others.

Sadly, David’s battle story isn’t unique.

While both of us have always led an extremely athletic lifestyle, being active and burning calories doesn’t make up for an inflammatory diet. If anything, strenuous exercise leads to more inflammation unless mitigated by the complete opposite––anti-inflammatory foods that promote recovery.

As an active woman in my young 60s, adopting Eating To Live has made me realize how many of my own health concerns were caused by concealed triggers in my seemingly “healthy” diet.

By removing inflammatory food components like processed sugar, saturated fats, chemical additives, and gluten, I’ve not only eradicated what I thought were natural symptoms of “aging”––I feel younger, healthier, and more energized than in decades.

After experiencing the dramatic results of Eating To Live first-hand, I feel passionate, if not obligated, to share my knowledge so other women can experience the same life-changing benefits.”

– Carla Meine, CNFC

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Eating to Live

CEO & Certified Functional Nutrition
Counselor at Eating to Live

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Founder of IdealShape

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Founder of O’Currance

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Chair Member National Advisory
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Meet David Meine

Co-Founder, Co-Author

A cancer survivor, competitive road bike cyclist, and dedicated pickleball athlete, David Meine is an experienced career entrepreneur with a long list of successful launches under his belt.

When he’s not out winning athletic medals, holding motivational talks, or advising business boards, David dedicates his time to furthering the mission he and Carla are most passionate about: Eating To Live!

Over the past two decades, David’s work, books, and remarkable journey have inspired thousands of people to transform their health in the same way.

Request David Meine to speak at your event.

“When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, my life and identity fell apart. How and why did I, an avid athlete in his early 60’s who never smoked or drank alcohol, get dealt such terrible cards?

Had it not been for my wife’s never-ending support and commitment to my recovery, I wouldn’t be standing here today. Before she connected the dots back to my leaky gut,

I never considered that my excessive consumption of sugar, NSAIDs, saturated fats or gluten intolerance could have fueled my cancer and a lifetime of health problems. Looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t get sick sooner!

My cancer was a massive tip of a giant iceberg, but it gave me a much greater goal––sharing my story of Eating To Live so that more people can heal in the same way.”

– David Meine