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“Carla helped me eliminate foods my body can’t tolerate. Since then, I no longer suffer from psoriasis. I also no longer have stomach bloating issues, am more regular with healthy bowel movements, and I’ve dropped a few pounds. Eating to live made all the difference!”


Restore Gut Health Naturally: The Power Of Eating To Live

Improve Gut Health and Metabolism

with a simple, proven gut protocol for optimal health

Increase Energy and Focus

guided by experts and a customizable nutrition system

Feel Stronger and Healthier

with the ideal foods for your body’s unique blueprint


“All disease begins in the gut”

– Hippocrates

Gut Health: What does Digestion have to do with quality of life? Everything!

Could you be more:

  • Focused and present to participate more in each moment?
  • Confident in your skin and comfortable in your body?
  • Stronger, healthier, and more youthful inside and out?
  • Active, invigorated, and glowing with energy to be alive?

Gut microbiome plays a very important role in your health by regulating digestion, enhancing your immune system, and so much more!



Gut Health Book

EATING TO LIVEA remarkable story of perseverance, love, and the healing power of natural nutrition

  • Relieve chronic pain and inflammation
  • Stop relying on over-the-counter and prescribed medications
  • Improve digestion and nutrient uptake
  • Minimize susceptibility to common diseases
  • Decrease trips to doctors’ offices
  • Alleviate stomach discomfort and bloating
  • Build a robust immune system
  • Have increased energy and FEEL BETTER!


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  • Plant-based and organic with top quality ingredients
  • Sugar-, dairy, and gluten-free natural protein blend
  • Delicious rich and smooth chocolate flavor
  • Nutritious formula to fuel your body and support gut biome
  • Control cravings with Slendesta®

Eating To Live has always been the answer.

When consumed in the right form, food is nature’s gift to supply our bodies with both fuel and medicine. Modern life has changed what and why we eat, resulting in less than ideal health and well-being.

Your body will always tell you that something is wrong in one way or another, but you may not understand the language when it is subtle and early enough to change.

We know because we’ve lived it.

Having experienced the transformative Eating to Live shift first-hand, we have devoted our lives to sharing the benefits so that more people can do the same.

Our customizable step-by-step system will teach you to interpret your body’s unique signals and understand the way it works, so you can respond with the right food and supplements according to your nutritional blueprint.

By giving your body what it needs to thrive, you will too.


In Health, Carla & David Meine

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Eating To Live - Carla

After a long and hard health battle that ultimately transformed both of their lives, Carla Meine, a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, founded Eating To Live with her husband David Meine; a lifelong athlete and passionate Brain-Training/Mindfulness/Visualization expert.

Today, they work together as a team to share their inspiring story of overcoming David’s cancer through the book Eating To Live, while empowering others with their extensive knowledge and gut healing nutrition approach for optimal health.

Level 1 Meal Plan

Are you motivated to experience life as the best you?
Become an ETL Member and get everything you need to transform!

  • Step-by-step protocol to heal your gut for optimal health
  • Customizable meal plan including delicious, simple, and healthy recipes
  • Weekly group coaching calls via zoom for ongoing support
  • Expert functional nutrition guidance from Carla and mindset/lifestyle coaching from David
  • Educational resources to understand your body and take control of your well-being
  • Videos, articles, and podcasts about gut function, nutrition, and health
  • Motivational video series about finding your “why”, logging progress, and other success strategies


Eating To Live has already transformed thousands of lives.

Eating to live – Natalie Minh

Wow NO grittiness or powdery feeling that you typically get with other plant-based protein! Dissolved instantly, smooth and light. It sounds weird but I can actually taste that it’s organic because it lacks that “chemical aftertaste” in other shakes.

It feels like a clean, easy to drink, pleasant natural product.

It tastes like something you’d get at Whole Foods and they made it for you as a prepared drink with available ingredients

You guys nailed the formulation! It’s very good
– Natalie Minh
Your story could be next.
All it takes is starting the journey.

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Eating To Live

The Way To Happiness Is A Happy Gut

You deserve to feel what it’s like to…

  • Live an active life and move freely without thinking twice
  • Leave your yearly check-up with a big smile on your face
  • Empty your OTC medicine shelf because you may no longer need it
  • Eat food you enjoy and know is right for your body
  • Be the person who never seems to get sick or tired
  • Never think about your bowel movements again
  • Marvel at your waist size without being hungry


Improve Your Gut Health and Feel your best in four steps:
Take the gut health quiz
Learn and journal how different foods affect your body
Evaluate your results during community zoom calls
Optimize your gut health and live your best life!

Eating To Live means living your best life for as long as you possibly can.

  • It means committing to small but consistent changes to achieve radical, life-changing improvements in your health, happiness, and longevity.
  • It means savoring nutritious and delicious meals that not only taste good but do good.
  • It means living to the fullest and fulfilling your potential rather than living within your limits.
  • It means feeling your best each day while being excited about tomorrow.

In short, it means living your best life.

Walking - Leaky Gut

You don’t have to live to eat… you could be Eating To Live!

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Are you living to the fullest?
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